We believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we provide first-rate waterproofing, damp proofing and gas membrane installation services across the UK. 
Whether you’re a Tier 1 contractor, civil engineering company, local authority, property developer, quantity surveyor, landlord or homeowner, below are some reasons why it’s crucial to invest in high-quality waterproofing. 

Prevents water damage 

The most obvious benefit of waterproofing is that it prevents water from seeping into the building. Water infiltration can lead to a wide range of problems, including structural damage, mould growth and deterioration of building materials. 

Extends lifespan 

Waterproofing can significantly extend the lifespan of a building by protecting it from the destructive effects of water ingress. It helps to maintain the structural integrity of the building, which in turn reduces the need for costly repairs and renovations. 

Reduces maintenance costs 

Waterproofing also reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repairs associated with water damage. This can save building owners and facilities management teams a considerable amount of money over time. 

Enhances indoor air quality 

By preventing water infiltration and the growth of mould and mildew, waterproofing can improve indoor air quality. This is especially important for residential and commercial buildings where occupants spend a significant amount of time within the premises. Whilst better air quality benefits everyone, it’s particularly important for people with weak immune systems and respiratory conditions such as asthma. 

Protects belongings 

Waterproofing not only protects the building itself but also the contents inside it. Water damage can ruin furniture, electronics, documents and other valuable items. As a result, suitable waterproofing could lead to your insurance policy being more affordable. 

Increases energy efficiency 

Water infiltration can compromise the insulation and energy efficiency of a building. By keeping the building dry, waterproofing can help to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Preserves aesthetic appearance 

Water damage can lead to unsightly stains, peeling paint and the deterioration of finishes. Waterproofing helps to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the building, both inside and out. 

Increases property value 

A building with a well-maintained waterproofing system is more attractive to potential buyers or tenants, which can increase its selling cost or rental value. 

Prevents erosion 

Waterproofing can also be important for structures that are in close proximity to bodies of water or areas prone to heavy rainfall, as it helps to prevent erosion and the undermining of foundations. 

Enhances safety 

Water-damaged structures can pose safety hazards. Waterproofing reduces the risk of accidents caused by structural deterioration, which helps you to maintain top levels of health, safety and wellbeing on your site. 

Ask us about waterproofing 

If you require advice, a site visit or a free quotation for a waterproofing project, please fill in our contact form to book a callback from a National Waterproofing Group member in your local area. 
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