Ground Gas Membrane

About ground gas membrane

Gas membrane installation

Professional Remedial Services offer an installation service for gas proof / gas resistant membranes. In order to provide additional protection to structures and buildings from potentially harmful ground gases, such as Radon, CO2, Methane and Hydocarbons. PRS are specialist gas proof /gas resistant membranes installers.

Examples of harmful ground gases would include carbon dioxide, radon, methane, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and hydrocarbons. Normally the gas resistant membranes provide protection in conjunction with the structure itself and where applicable with the incorporation of ventilation measures.

We are familiar with the various methods of jointing membranes including both welding and tape systems as required for the system.

Gas verification

Where an independent inspection and verification of the installation is required, there are various methods by which the gas membrane installation can be checked etc. Usually this involves a combination of visual inspection, integrity testing via an air lance, non-destructive mechanical testing of seam joints and in certain instances, gas tracer or similar testing etc.In order to avoid a ‘potential conflict of interest’ and to ensure true independence, Professional Remedial Services usually advise that the inspector / verifier is employed directly by the client.